From the Inside Out
Melina is one of those people who knows how to bring out the best in yourself. She is kind and insanely talented, but what I think makes her work stand out from the rest is her ability to make your inner beauty shine. She's takes what rests in your soul and finds a way to pretty it up from the inside out.
by Jasmine Star, Wedding Photographer
I absolutely love her!
I have been going to Melina for over 10 years and I absolutely love her! She is very personable and well versed in the make-up industry. She has no limitations, she can do anything from stage make-up, contours, smokey eye, to a natural look. Her work is art, she is truly an artist. She has an eye for beauty and is extremely talented. She tailors each look to your needs and desires and analyzes to see what color pallet works best for your appearance. I am very picky when it comes to people doing my make-up and I am confident to say I have found my artist for life. I have recommended her to my co-workers, family and friends and everyone loves her! It's difficult expressing how she does make up because no words can express her work, her touch is flawless.
by Pegah Shakeri
Someone Whom I Truly Trust
Melina is a gifted make-up artist - and someone whom I truly trust. She is extremely creative with new looks, receptive to my ideas and overall just makes me look amazing. Her abilities allow me to rely on her again and again for the more important events of my career. She is without a doubt of the very highest level in her craft. I feel very lucky to have found her and count her as an integral part of my team.
by Judi Shekoni, Actress
More Than Just a Make Up Artist to Me
Melina has been doing my make up for almost 14 years. In this time she has become more than just a make-up artist to me. She has become a close friend. I am very particular about everything and I won't let anyone else near my face. A few times I have had other well-known make-up artists attempt my make up only to go home to wash it all off and do it myself. When I go to Melina she knows exactly what look I want and what complements me the most. I don't need to worry about having to redo my own make up. Additionally the products she uses have lasted on me up to 17 hours, including lipstick, without any touch ups. I have so much confidence in Melina that I would blindly let her do my make-up and not look in a mirror and I would go out all night. Another thing I can say about her work is that it looks amazing in pictures. I love how many compliments I get whenever Melina dolls me up. I love her work and if you are looking for someone who listens to what you want and delivers amazing work... Look no further. Thank you for 14 years of beautiful looks!
by Desiree Yazdanshenas
Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin
In a very short period of time, Melina and I have worked together on several editorial photo shoots, of various different fashion-based themes and story lines. It is incredible how Melina is able to transform her models into whatever character they need to become for the photo shoot. As a model, it is important to feel comfortable in your own skin for the purpose of opening up more to the camera. No matter what I look and feel like when I walk into the shoot in the morning (acne, under eye bags, sloppy nails, etc.) within a half an hour, Melina always makes me feel so beautiful. With her versatility (from editorial to catalog to events), superb talent, remarkable precision and attention to detail, and impressive understanding of fashion as a whole, it would be difficult for me to name anyone else as my favorite makeup artist. Melina is truly a joy to work with in every aspect.
by Mia Maguire, Model
Awesome Make-Up Artist
Melina is an awesome make-up artist. She did such an excellent job at my wedding! She does fabulous work and doesn't take too long in doing it. We even had a bridesmaid decide last minute she wanted her make up done and she was able to squeeze her in. Melina knows her stuff about make-up and I would recommend her to anyone! She is very nice and professional at what she does! She even let me take the lip stick and lip liner for the rest of the day at my wedding! Everyone complemented us on our make-up and I can't wait to get my make-up done by her again for another occasion. Thank you Melina!
by Lacee Bull
Truly Wonderful
Melina is incredible to work with! Not only is she extremely talented at both hair & makeup, but she is a true delight to be around. She will be sure to put a smile on your face, make you laugh & bring out your beauty to the next level! I look forward to working many more events with her :)
by Christy Cowan, Event Designer & Coordinator
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