Beauty Time and My Personal Opinion
posted on August 19, 2013

My take on cosmetics is that I can find good products at CVS or Target the same way I can find something good  from Nordstrom's or Neiman Marcus. Doesn't matter to me as long as it works!!!!! I'm not hung up on luxury brands but I definitely appreciate and purchase a luxury brand cosmetics  if it  works. I also don't mind sharing that I love a $.99 cent lipstick if it is what gets the job done. 

Today's blog will be on my most recent and long standing obsessions!!! TOP 5 PICKS

1.) Jouer Oil Free Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer in the shade GOLDEN.

This is the most perfect glazing of glow to your skin with a hint of coverage. This  tinted moisturizer can be worn alone or with powder over it. There are 5 Beautiful shades that cover almost all skin tones. I LOVE the shade GOLDEN. I use it  personally but also use in my make up kit. It has a nice golden olive tone to it that I mix with different foundations in order to create a flawless NO makeup look with a hint of radiance  . Therefore your skin will look like its perfectly even but because you wake up that way!!! It wears really well depending on the powder you set over it or if you are dry you don't  need powder over this amazing product. I can't say its completely sheer but it has the perfect amount of pigment to even out the skin that will appear to look natural and sheer .  A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY!!!! If you are significantly more tan you can use this tone as a highlighter. Overall this product is a staple in my kit and personal makeup. This product retails for $38.00

          2.) Sonia Kashuk Nuetral Eye Palette

Let's just say this palette has saved me so many times on at photoshoots and weddings . It is the perfect array of neutral shades that look good on everyone.  This palette also allows you to create beautiful bridal make up or sultry smokey eyes . All of the shadows are matte but to me that is good because if I want to add shimmer I will just combine it with what I use in this palette. The shadows blend easily and are pigmented. If you want them to show up more just prep your eye with a shadow primer (duh! everyone and their moms knows about shadow primers these days lol) although many times I don't use shadow primer on myself and it stays on! I have to bow down to Sonia Kashuk she knows what she is doing! You can't go wrong with having all of these shadows in one palette and the interesting thing is that although the shadow quantity looks small  it has lasted me very long time. I use this shadow palette almost daily for the past 6 months and I barely hit the tin of one of the shadows. This palette retails for $19.99

          3.) Milani Liquid Eye pencil

If you need the a pencil that is the deeper than the color of TAR here it is!!! That isn't even the best part about it!!! THE BEST PART ABOUT IT IS THAT IT DOESN'T SMUDGE!!!!! I don't think I could be more grateful to the makeup gods for the long wearing power. Do your self a favor and compare it to any other black pencils that say they are  smudge proof . This pencil will stay put but also maintain its color and not travel down your face which can make you look like a raccoon . They do make other shades and all of them have worked !! Make sure you buy the sharpener that MILANI Cosmetic sells because it will properly sharpen this pencil. You can find this pencil online at or I usually get it at CVS pharmacy. I am not going to go through the long list of pencils I have tried that claim to be waterproof. This stands as one of the best in my opinion! OH I forgot to mention that it glides on like BUTTER !!! No tugging required. Thank goodness. It retails for $6.99

          4.) Bite Cosmetics

I recently discovered Bite cosmetics and immediately fell in LOVE!!! This is a product  I have incorporated into my kit and is  called the HIGHLY PIGMENTED PENCIL. They make the most beautiful array of shades from the perfect nude to the deepest wine shade. The pigment in these pencils is incredibly long with the additional fact that they are so moisturizing with a slight shine. Even as the color wears off it leaves a slightly stained look to your lips. One other detail I  can appreciate about the these "chubby lip pencils" is that they are retractable!!! YAAAY no sharpening!!! Definitely check them out at your nearest Sephora. The whole collection of Bite Cosmetics is incredible. They retail for $24


This product has to be one of the recent beauty product finds I really appreciate for because of the incredible GLOW it creates on the skin!!! A make up artist friend recently pulled this out of her make up bag and I obviously asked what , where and why !! I will admit I have too many highlighting products that I bought in the past and don't love. This highlighting stick is probably the easiest to blend into the skin and it creates a glow with out looking too shiny basically the JUST ENOUGH OF A GLOW look. Yes everyone wants the JLO glow but what people don't understand at times is that depending on your skin type the glow has to be created in different ways . Overall there is an art to creating the right glow with out looking like a GLOWING ADDICT WHO ATTACKED THIER FACE WITH EVERY TYPE OF HIGHLIGHTING PRODUCT which can create texture on the skin if not applied correctly. Anyway this highlighting stick is one you can use with your eyes closed!! it blends out effortlessly !!! Sonia Kashuk only makes two shades of this product but they are incredibly versatile for any skin tone . Try it out and get your GLOW ON !!! They retail of for $10.99

Beauty By Melina OBSESSIONS
posted on August 19, 2013

For any of you who know me, you understand my ongoing obsession with finding AMAZING BEAUTY PRODUCTS. With my background being in cosmetics I found to be constantly disappointed in the many products I would try. It didn't mean that the products weren't good, all it meant was that they weren't meeting my needs. You may ask "Well what are your needs MELINA?!?" Hmmm where do I start?  I am the daughter of Latin American parents. My mother is fairly light in complexion, somewhat like Snow White and my father has a true Olive skin tone that easily tans. Some would think that may be the best of both worlds and I am not complaining but when it comes to make up and my skin tone it can be an interesting experiment. So I would consider myself a TRUE OLIVE skin tone.  If I stay out of the sun I can look slightly SALLOW,  so I will get some sun once in a while to give me some color.

Now onto my skin texture. I have a combination skin (this is were things get funky). My skin tends to oxidize foundations (slightly making them darker due to my body chemistry) and when I get oily the products on my face will begin to somewhat repel. Did I forget to mention that for the amount of products I use (which fall under a specific list) you would think I don't have sensitive skin but I DO!!!!  

OK-enough complaining!... oh wait I didn't mention brows , lashes and lips ;-) My brows have to be filled in because they are somewhat sparse (if I pluck a hair you will see a gap in the eyebrow and my eyelashes are completely straight therefore if it is not the RIGHT waterproof mascara formula it will NOT WORK to keep them curled. To add to the eyelash scenario .... if I put the wrong type of mascara on my bottom lashes  it will smudge and look like I am cousins with a raccoon. Last but not least  my lips are pigmented so I usually have to work backwards in pigment to neutralize them to create the color lipstick I would like. I will have individual blog posts breaking down my on going journey of trials and errors to how I found what FINALLY WORKS!!!

As of the past few years my goal is to find beauty products that last on the face from when you head out to work and into your evening out for dinner with significant other or friends without having to redo all my make up !!!.... Lets just say my motto is "I DON'T HAVE TIME TO LIE," especially about something that us BEAUTY AFICIONADOS take seriously.

WAIT..... although I take it seriously its not detrimental to fulfilling my happiness in life but it adds to it!! So I will be sharing what I LOVE AND WORKS FOR MY SPECIFIC BEAUTY DESIRES. I am not here to bash any other products. What works for someone else may or may not work for me and visa versa. ONE LAST THING.... I have a mild case of dark circles that needs a daily dose of concealer every day !!! hehehehe